Two Cats

So, the embroidered cat twins are fraternal, not identical. The first one, which I didn’t picture in the last post because it showed no signs of progress, now looks like this:

I removed the red thread that’d been around the fish bones, because it didn’t seem to go with anything else. Next I have to decide if I want to fill in all the diamonds, and I have to choose a color and stitch design for the hoodie. For the moment, I’m calling this the gray argyle twin.

I’ve been feeling marginally dissatisfied with the diamond background and decided I wanted to try something different for the orange cat. Maybe lines radiating from the center point of the embroidery. I asked my husband if he had a protractor and–what were the chances?–he said he’d happened to find one while he was out walking a few days ago. This must be fate.

But, as I started thinking about it, I realized I could execute my idea much easier on the computer. It took 5 minutes using the program Inkscape.

That’s my rough sketch on the right, the Inkscape rendering on the left, and the unused (but excellent) protractor on top.

And here are the lines traced onto my embroidery:

This is the orange radiant twin. Just by the names alone, this one is set up to lead a more exciting life.

But neither one is finished yet, and anything might change.