Drawing Class #2

This was a technical exercise in learning to measure and compare the proportions of one item against another. I’d seen this method shown in cartoons before…the artist holding a pencil in their outstretched arm and squinting past it to the still-life or model beyond.

This was a difficult concept for me to grasp at first, but something finally clicked and it got easier. Whatever the flaws of this drawing (that bottle wasn’t listing to the right in real life) the proportions are correct! That felt like a minor triumph.

The next exercise continued practice with the measuring technique, but with a shift in medium to compressed charcoal. And yowza, compressed charcoal is not at all forgiving.

Our instructor said that compressed charcoal favors the bold. I left class feeling relieved that we would be moving on to conte crayon next week.

Homework is to draw a pair of shoes.