Drawing Class #3

The mission of yesterday’s class was to do a still life drawing using the measuring technique we learned last week, and drawing with conte crayon in our choice of color: black, brown, or sanguine.

I got off to a rocky start, drawing too small and working myself into a state of paralysis when all my drawn proportions seemed correct, but if they were right then why was this one section of the drawing so wrong? The instructor came around and sat in front of my drawing and corrected it (all those bold lines are hers)…

…and kindly told me that I might want to turn the page on this one and start fresh. The second attempt went much better, I think. (I also tackled a smaller section of the still life arrangement which probably helped.)

Conte crayon is interesting. Easier than compressed charcoal, more difficult than willow charcoal. I definitely want to work with it some more, and to try the other colors as well.

Other students brought in really good drawings from last week’s homework assignment. I was not the only one who drew a practical pair of shoes. Along with several pairs of athletic shoes, there was one stylish pair of ankle boots, a beautifully rendered pair of rubber boots, and a great pair of Doc Martens.

Next week’s homework is challenging: draw a window, and show what’s on both the interior and exterior sides of the window.