Drawing Class #7

We’re covering 4 different mediums (oil pastel, soft pastel, ink, colored pencil) in these last two classes, and today we each worked in our choice of 2 of the mediums.

I chose ink for my first drawing, and my drawing tool was a flexible branch (about 18″ long) from a butterfly bush. That makes for a very hard to control line. But it was a lot of fun and very spontaneous.

Next, I drew the same scene in soft (or chalk) pastels. This was on a small scrap of textured paper, specifically designed for pastels.

My takeaway is that I liked working with ink a lot more than I expected to. The pastels were not as much to my taste…in large part because of all the dust they create.

Next week, I can find out if colored pencils or oil pastels suit me better for drawing in color. It might be that I just prefer working in monochrome…

Homework assignment: draw something in our living room.

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