Drawing Class #7

We’re covering 4 different mediums (oil pastel, soft pastel, ink, colored pencil) in these last two classes, and today we each worked in our choice of 2 of the mediums.

I chose ink for my first drawing, and my drawing tool was a flexible branch (about 18″ long) from a butterfly bush. That makes for a very hard to control line. But it was a lot of fun and very spontaneous.

Next, I drew the same scene in soft (or chalk) pastels. This was on a small scrap of textured paper, specifically designed for pastels.

My takeaway is that I liked working with ink a lot more than I expected to. The pastels were not as much to my taste…in large part because of all the dust they create.

Next week, I can find out if colored pencils or oil pastels suit me better for drawing in color. It might be that I just prefer working in monochrome…

Homework assignment: draw something in our living room.

The Kitchen Sink and a Robot and a Dog

Now begins that regrettable time of the year when it’s too dark for too long, and I have to take my photos in artificial lighting, and then I’m disappointed with the results. Woe is me. Still, my homework is done:

That’s my kitchen sink. I think (maybe?) this drawing looks better in real life? It also looks best from a distance.

And I also finished this, which I think looks not so bad in that odd sepia-ish color cast which (again) is not true to life.


Last night, instead of working on my homework assignment (“draw your kitchen sink”), I drew another quick postcard size sketch of Emma sleeping in her cat bed.

Tonight, I spent some time looking at the sink and so far it has been pretty uninspiring. Maybe another person would feel more inspired? Is inspiration even necessary? I should just draw the sink.

Drawing Class #6

This class followed the same structure as the last. Draw a thumbnail sketch:

Then a larger drawing:

I like my thumbnail sketch better than the drawing! I had a hard time getting the gray values right, and the pitcher looks kind of wrong in general. The apple in the back is hiding, which I can sympathize with.

So, not a good drawing, but all part of the learning process.

Homework is: the kitchen sink.

Drawing Class #5

In the first two classes we worked with willow charcoal and compressed charcoal. In classes #3 and #4, we used conte crayons, and yesterday–in class #5–we moved on to pencils (4B and softer).

As with the last class, we started with thumbnail sketches to try to pin down our composition:

And…we all came to understand how quickly we’d been drawing with the previous mediums. Drawing with pencil is much slower. It takes longer to build up dark shading. And it’s just, overall, more painstaking somehow? You can get lost in small details with pencil in a way that is nearly impossible with charcoal. I wasn’t the only one who hadn’t finished my drawing by the end of class:

We’ll continue working in pencil next week. Homework assignment: scissors.

Still Life with Squirrel

I wanted to draw that porcelain bowl because of its dramatic edge. Looks like it’s another one of those things that’s going to take some more drawing practice. For a real challenge, I should try to draw it with the problematic tin canister. Ha.

(Black conte crayon on newsprint.)

Emma Again, Tin Canister Again

Last night, I drew Emma again:

Those are the best stripes yet! (She doesn’t have much striping on her body.)

And I made a second attempt at the tin canister:

Hmm. Not thrilled with this. The canister has a subtle bulge to its shape that’s been hard to capture. Likewise, the lid has a slight bevel at its top edge that kind of baffles me when I attempt to draw it. I’ll try it again, I’m sure. One of these times might be the charm.

(Both drawings: black conte crayon.)

Still Life with Sheep

Black conte crayon again. In this drawing the thing I was fighting with the most was the tin canister. I’m dissatisfied with it, but at some point it’s good to just declare that something is finished and move on. I’ll try the tin again in another drawing sometime.

And a quick sketch of Emma. It’s very different trying to draw her in real life, as opposed to working from a photograph. This is a small sketchbook…slightly larger than 4″ x 6″…the size of a snapshot. Just trying to capture a small moment…Emma in her heated bed with her blanket and toy.