Still Life with Squirrel

I wanted to draw that porcelain bowl because of its dramatic edge. Looks like it’s another one of those things that’s going to take some more drawing practice. For a real challenge, I should try to draw it with the problematic tin canister. Ha.

(Black conte crayon on newsprint.)

Emma Again, Tin Canister Again

Last night, I drew Emma again:

Those are the best stripes yet! (She doesn’t have much striping on her body.)

And I made a second attempt at the tin canister:

Hmm. Not thrilled with this. The canister has a subtle bulge to its shape that’s been hard to capture. Likewise, the lid has a slight bevel at its top edge that kind of baffles me when I attempt to draw it. I’ll try it again, I’m sure. One of these times might be the charm.

(Both drawings: black conte crayon.)

Still Life with Sheep

Black conte crayon again. In this drawing the thing I was fighting with the most was the tin canister. I’m dissatisfied with it, but at some point it’s good to just declare that something is finished and move on. I’ll try the tin again in another drawing sometime.

And a quick sketch of Emma. It’s very different trying to draw her in real life, as opposed to working from a photograph. This is a small sketchbook…slightly larger than 4″ x 6″…the size of a snapshot. Just trying to capture a small moment…Emma in her heated bed with her blanket and toy.

A Plant and A Dog

I feel like we’ve done something wrong in our care of this plant. It is clearly trying to achieve independence from its pot.

And…a drawing of my “nephew” Reggie. My shading game is weak here, but I think his eyes turned out well. (Drawn from a photo.)

(Both drawings: black conte crayon on newsprint.)

Drawing Class #4

Today, at the beginning of the class, we each drew a thumbnail sketch:

The idea was to use the sketch to quickly trouble-shoot our composition before committing to the more time-consuming larger drawing:

(I used brown conte crayon for these.)

Homework for next week is optional and the subject is totally up to us. I think we all struggled with the window assignment…and it showed. Maybe our instructor is afraid to see the results of another challenge!